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Welcome to your life! The purpose of this site is to let you enter the important events of your life, describing them as you've experienced them and then, a few years later, easily find back the description of those memorable days.

Enrich your diary with days descriptions, dreams, photos, videos, annual resolutions that you can consult throughout the year to see if they still make sense, or fill your diary with any other item you wish.

Through a powerful search engine, you can search for different times of your life, or simply remember some past periods. By using keywords, retrace the entire history of a past love, of a significant project, relive your mishaps with your best friends, find specific dates of events of second importance, have a quick and easy access to chapters of your history. You can finally search your own life!

Latest News


09-05 Updates : Custom Homepage

You now have a personalized homepage combining some modules you can arrange the way you like. Click in the title bar of a module and drag it up or down to the place where you want it. A module is useless? Click the arrowhead to the right in the title bar to minimize or restore it.

The modules of your homepage:

Quick access

Group of icons allowing you to quickly access different sections of the site (Add an entry, view your diary, edit your profile, change your diary's skin, edit settings of your account, view your mail, access your friends list, list of your favorite diaries and list of your friends diaries).

Your last entry

From this module, you can view your last entry and access the correction page to modify or delete it. You can also get to the "Add an entry" or the "View your diary" page.

Friends last entries

From here you can read the five latest entries of the lucky people who are part of your friends list!


Enables you to search in your diary, in public diaries or in the entire site using the Google search engine.

Latest News

Recent additions, updates and advice on this site.

Recent public diaries

List the three lovely people who registered more recently and made their diary accessible to everyone.


09-05 Updates : Communication



You can now send messages to other members of je from their diaries by clicking on the Écrire icon in their profile (to the right of the diary). You can also receive messages in your mailbox if, in your preferences, you have checked the option "Accept messages from other users" (Configuration > My Account > Preferences). Your email address is never disclosed, the messages remain on the site, only a warning from the site is sent to you when a new message is waiting for you. 


It is now possible to create links between you and other members of je. To these people who become your friends, you may or may not grant special privileges such as the possibility to view your diary even when it is not public and the opportunity to read the private entries of your diary. You can also see their latest entries in the "Friends last entries" module of the home page.

To submit a request for friendship, just click the icon ajouter à votre liste d'amis in the profile of a displayed diary and send a request. Once it is accepted, this person will be added to your friends list. You can also invite your friends who are not registered to je by going to Mailbox > Invitations to become friends and clicking "Invite your friends". Fill out the form and an email inviting them to register on je will be sent! Once their account is created, these people will be automatically added to your friends list!


09-05 Updates : Diary


Favorite Diaries

Want to keep track of some diaries that kept your attention? By clicking on the favoris icon in the diary, it will be added to your favorite diaries. All the diaries that you've marked as favorites are accessible in the "Quick access" module of the homepage. To remove a diary from your favorites, just go to that diary and click the supprimer favoris icon.

Merging diaries

On a diary, click on the link "Merge with another diary: Your friends | Public diaries" then choose a diary to be mixed with the one previously displayed. Thus, the entries of the two diaries will be intertwined and simultaneous searches on these two diaries will be possible. Up to 5 diaries can be mixed this way.

Searching public diaries

Search of public diaries is now possible. Enter a name or searched terms into the search box located at the top of the "Public diaries" page and the search engine will try to find these words in the names and descriptions of diaries.


You can subscribe to RSS feeds of diaries by clicking on the RSS icon. 

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