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The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series is a satirical parody of a middle class American lifestyle.

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1999-11-14 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E06 - Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder (BABF02)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonHello Gutter, Hello Fadder

(#232 - BABF02 - Season 11 Episode 6 - Disc 2)
(Written by Al Jean, Directed by Mike B. Anderson)

Homer becomes a local celebrity after bowling a 300 game, but his fame quickly fades as "yesterday's news". After a botched suicide attempt foiled by Otto, Homer decides to spend time with Maggie after seeing Ron Howard spend time with his children. When Homer tries to teach Maggie swimming, he fails due to her mistrust of him, and has to pulled out the beach by Maggie. Eventually, Homer brings Maggie to a bowling game, where she bowls a perfect game.
Guest stars: Ron Howard, Pat O'Brien, Nancy O'Dell and Penn & Teller

1999-11-21 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E07 - Eight Misbehavin (BABF03)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonEight Misbehavin'

(#233 - BABF03 - Season 11 Episode 7 - Disc 2)
(Written by Matt Selman, Directed by Steven Dean Moore)

After Manjula gives birth to octuplets that were the result of fertility drugs, she and Apu unintentionally allow a zookeeper to exploit their babies in exchange for help after corporate sponsors abandon them for a mom that has given birth to nontuplets in Shelbyville. After a failed rescue attempt by Homer and Apu, the zoo keeper agrees to return the babies only if Butch Patrick and Homer ride a tricycle dressed as Eddie Munster on stage while attacked by cobras.
Guest stars: Garry Marshall and Butch Patrick

1999-11-28 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E08 - Take My Wife, Sleaze (BABF05)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonTake My Wife, Sleaze

(#234 - BABF05 - Season 11 Episode 8 - Disc 2)
(Written by John Swartzwelder, Directed by Neil Affleck)

Homer wins a Harley-Davidson motorcycle at a fifties dancing contest and starts his own biker gang, naming it "Hell's Satans". However, this attracts the real biker gang called "Hell's Satans" to crash at their house. However, after a while, they begin to appreciate Marge, who takes care of them, and kidnaps her. Homer tracks them down and scuffles with Meathook, the leader. At Marge's suggestion, the gang settles down and live normal lives.
Guest stars: John Goodman, Henry Winkler, Jay North and NRBQ

1999-12-19 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E09 - Grift of the Magi (BABF07)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonGrift of the Magi

(#235 - BABF07 - Season 11 Episode 9 - Disc 2)
(Written by Tom Martin, Directed by Matthew Nastuk)

When jumping up and down on his bed with Milhouse, Bart accidentally breaks the bed and lands on one of Homer's bowling balls, breaking his coccyx. Consequently, Principal Skinner hires Fat Tony's construction company to build wheelchair ramps. These ramps promptly break down, forcing Skinner to close down Springfield Elementary. However, a toy company lead by Jim Hope takes over the school; in school, the children are only taught to provide marketing schemes and suggestions. Soon, a new toy called Funzo that mysteriously resembles the children's ideas is invented. After a brief showdown Gary Coleman and the Funzo, things return to normal as Burns decides to fund the school after a visit from the three Christmas spirits.
Guest stars: Gary Coleman, Tim Robbins and Clarence Clemons

2000-01-09 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E10 - Little Big Mom (BABF04)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonLittle Big Mom

(#236 - BABF04 - Season 11 Episode 10 - Disc 2)
(Written by Carolyn Omine, Directed by Mark Kirkland)

While the Simpson family goes skiing, Marge remains at the ski lodge due to her fear of skiing, only to break her leg from a falling clock. As a result, while hospitalised, Marge leaves Lisa to deal with the slovenly Bart and Homer, who do nothing but take their toll on their house. However, in an attempt to motivate them, she pulls a prank suggested by the ghost of Lucille Ball on Bart and Homer by making it look like they have leprosy. At Ned Flander's suggestion, Bart and Homer end up in Hawaii; with them gone, Lisa finishes cleaning the house as Marge arrives home, her cast off. The pair then go to retrieve Homer and Bart, who are enjoying themselves despite the shock therapy.
Guest star: Elwood Edwards

2000-01-16 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E11 - Faith Off (BABF06)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonFaith Off

(#237 - BABF06 - Season 11 Episode 11 - Disc 2)
(Written by Frank Mula, Directed by Nancy Kruse)

Bart believes he has the power to heal others through faith after removing a bucket glued to Homer's head. However, when Bart knocks Milhouse's glasses off in order to cure his myopia, Milhouse is nearly run over by a truck that he thinks is a dog as he cannot see without his glasses. Consequently, Bart, feeling guilty, ends his career as a faith healer. Meanwhile, Homer creates a homecoming game float for Springfield University. However, he soon forgets about it, and accidentally injures the star player, Anton Lubchenko. After getting in trouble with Fat Tony, Homer is saved when Lubchenko sacrifices his leg to win the game; the leg is surgically reattached by Doctor Hibbert, who is relieved at the end of Bart's healing career.
Guest star: Don Cheadle

2000-01-23 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E12 - The Mansion Family (BABF08)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonThe Mansion Family

(#238 - BABF08 - Season 11 Episode 12 - Disc 3)
(Written by John Swartzwelder, Directed by Michael Polcino)

Mr. Burns goes to the Mayo Clinic for a checkup after being declared the oldest man in Springfield, leaving the Simpsons to house-sit for him and Homer to take advantage of living as a rich man. However, when Homer wants to throw a party, he goes to Moe's, where he must buy the alcohol in international waters as it is Sunday before 2 PM. There, they are captured by Chinese pirates. Later, Burns discovers that as a result of having all the existing diseases, he is perfectly healthy as all the germs simply cancel each other out. Consequently, he returns and kicks out the Simpsons, who haven't even enjoyed being rich, causing Homer to be extremely bitter and resentful.
Guest star: Britney Spears

2000-02-06 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E13 - Saddlesore Galactica (BABF09)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonSaddlesore Galactica

(#239 - BABF09 - Season 11 Episode 13 - Disc 3)
(Written by Tim Long, Directed by Lance Kramer)

The Simpsons rescue a diving horse named Duncan from abuse and keep it as a pet (despite The Comic Book Guy's protest that the Simpsons have done this before), but when the cost of upkeeping the horse rises, Homer and Bart train Duncan to be a racing horse. Meanwhile, Lisa is upset over her school losing the band competition to Ogdenville unfairly at the state fair and writes a letter to Bill Clinton in protest.
Guest stars: Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Jim Cummings

2000-02-13 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E14 - Alone Again, Natura-Diddily (BABF10)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonAlone Again, Natura-Diddily

(#240 - BABF10 - Season 11 Episode 14 - Disc 3)
(Written by Ian Maxtone-Graham, Directed by Jim Reardon)

Maude Flanders is killed in a freak accident during a stock car race, devastating Ned and prompting Homer to find a new woman for his grieving neighbor. However, Ned begins losing his faith in God before being prompted back by a Christian rock band.
Guest star: Shawn Colvin

2000-02-20 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S11E15 - Missionary: Impossible (BABF11)The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh SeasonMissionary: Impossible

(#241 - BABF11 - Season 11 Episode 15 - Disc 3)
(Written by Ron Hauge, Directed by Steven Dean Moore)

Homer gets in trouble with PBS after confessing he doesn't have $10,000 to give them for their pledge drive--and ends up a missionary on a South Pacific island.
Guest star: Betty White

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