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The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series is a satirical parody of a middle class American lifestyle.

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1995-12-17 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E11 - Marge Be Not Proud (3F07)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonMarge Be Not Proud

(#139 - 3F07 - Season 7 Episode 11 - Disc 2)
(Written by Mike Scully, Directed by Steven Dean Moore)

Bart attempts to shoplift a popular video game at the local Try-N-Save but is caught by the security guard. The guard tells Bart to never set foot in the store again and leaves a message on the Simpson family's answering machine. Bart manages to stop Homer and Marge from finding out, but is later dismayed when he finds out that the entire family is going to Try-N-Save for the family's Christmas photo. Bart is discovered by the security guard, who shows Homer and Marge the security footage of Bart stealing the game. Marge becomes distant and Bart is left out of family activities. Bart fears he has lost his mother's love, and decides he must regain it so he visits the Try-N-Save, and returns with a bulge in his coat. Marge confronts him, believing he was shoplifting again. She finds Bart has hidden a picture of himself bought as a Christmas present for Marge. Marge is overjoyed, and in gratitude for receiving her Christmas gift, she gives Bart his.
Guest star: Lawrence Tierney.

1996-01-07 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E12 - Team Homer (3F10)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonTeam Homer

(#140 - 3F10 - Season 7 Episode 12 - Disc 2)
(Written by Mike Scully, Directed by Mark Kirkland)

Homer assembles a bowling team consisting of Apu, Moe and Otto so he can play on league nights. He gets the team funding from Mr. Burns during one of his ether-induced hallucinations. The team does well until Mr. Burns discovers that he paid for them and decides to join the team. The team starts losing games but still manage to make it to the league championship where they manage to win. The team is overjoyed but Mr. Burns has a change of heart and takes the trophy for himself. Meanwhile, the students of Springfield Elementary School are forced to wear uniforms after Bart comes to school wearing a T-shirt with a shocking message on it.

1996-01-14 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E13 - Two Bad Neighbors (3F09)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonTwo Bad Neighbors

(#141 - 3F09 - Season 7 Episode 13 - Disc 2)
(Written by Ken Keeler, Directed by Wes Archer)

Former president George Bush moves to Springfield and Bart starts to annoy him. One day Bush loses control and spanks Bart. Homer, who had been jealous of the attention Bush had been receiving, is outraged and launches a prank war. Bush eventually decides to leave Springfield and is replaced with Gerald Ford.
First appearance of Disco Stu.

1996-02-04 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E14 - Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield (3F11)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonScenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

(#142 - 3F11 - Season 7 Episode 14 - Disc 3)
(Written by Jennifer Crittenden, Directed by Susie Dietter)

Marge finds a fancy Chanel suit at a discount outlet store, and is invited to start spending time at the local country club. Marge immediately fits in but is forced to alter her suit every day so it appears that she is always wearing a new outfit. Meanwhile, Homer discovers that he has a natural talent for golf and is challenged to a game by Mr. Burns. Meanwhile, Marge accidentally destroys her Chanel suit on the night of a gala ball where she will become a member of the club and buys a new one dress for thousands of dollars. She demands that her family behave themselves, but realizes that she is becoming too snobby and decides she doesn't want to join the club.
Guest star: Tom Kite.

1996-02-11 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E15 - Bart the Fink (3F12)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonBart the Fink

(#143 - 3F12 - Season 7 Episode 15 - Disc 3)
(Written by John Swartzwelder & Bob Kushell, Directed by Jim Reardon)

Bart unintentionally gets Krusty the Clown audited by the IRS after his attempt to get him to sign a check exposed Krusty's illegal tax shelter. When his financial situation worsens, Krusty fakes his death to escape from the public eye. However, Bart and Lisa find him and convince him that he needs showbusiness.
Guest star: Bob Newhart.

1996-02-18 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E16 - Lisa the Iconoclast (3F13)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonLisa the Iconoclast

(#144 - 3F13 - Season 7 Episode 16 - Disc 3)
(Written by Jonathan Collier, Directed by Mike B. Anderson)

While doing research for an essay, Lisa finds a confession written by town founder Jebediah Springfield revealing that he was a murderous pirate named Hans Sprungfeld who tried to attack George Washington and never cared about the people of Springfield. Homer decides to help Lisa get the message out, but they are arrested by the town council. Lisa claims Sprungfeld had a silver tongue so the council decides to exhume Jebediah to prove Lisa wrong. It turns out that there is no silver tongue but Lisa later discovers that it had been stolen from the grave by Hollis Hurlbut, the local historian. The two rush to reveal the truth about Jebediah, but Lisa realizes that the myth had inspired the entire town and decides to keep it a secret.
Guest star: Donald Sutherland.

1996-02-25 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E17 - Homer the Smithers (3F14)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonHomer the Smithers

(#145 - 3F14 - Season 7 Episode 17 - Disc 3)
(Written by John Swartzwelder, Directed by Steven Dean Moore)

At the advice of Mr. Burns, Smithers takes a vacation and hires Homer to be his replacement, thinking that Homer could never outshine him. However, Smithers' plan backfires when Homer's incompetence causes Burns to learn how to do things for himself resulting in the now useless Smithers losing his job as Burn's assistant. Homer decides to help Smithers get his job back, but their plan backfires and the two get into a fight in Mr. Burns' office. Burns is accidentally knocked out of a window and needs Smithers to do things for him again.

1996-03-17 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E18 - The Day the Violence Died (3F16)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonThe Day the Violence Died

(#146 - 3F16 - Season 7 Episode 18 - Disc 3)
(Written by John Swartzwelder, Directed by Wes Archer)

During a parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of Itchy & Scratchy, Bart meets Chester J. Lampwick, a homeless man who claims that he was the real creator of Itchy and not Roger Meyers as was previously believed. Bart helps the homeless man get royalties, but in doing so bankrupts the studio that produces Itchy & Scratchy. Bart and Lisa are upset and decide to try to help get Itchy & Scratchy back but are dismayed to discover that a different duo - Lester and Eliza - has already done so.
Guest stars: Suzanne Somers, Kirk Douglas, Alex Rocco and Jack Sheldon.

1996-03-24 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E19 - A Fish Called Selma (3F15)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonA Fish Called Selma

(#147 - 3F15 - Season 7 Episode 19 - Disc 3)
(Written by Jack Barth, Directed by Mark Kirkland)

Troy McClure tries to save his dying career and debunk the rumors of his bizarre sexual life, by marrying Marge's sister, Selma. Selma discovers that the marriage is a sham but decides that being a sham wife is okay. However, Troy decides that becoming a father will help his career even more but Selma refuses to bring a child into their loveless marriage and leaves.
Guest stars: Jeff Goldblum and Phil Hartman.

1996-03-31 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E20 - Bart on the Road (3F17)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonBart on the Road

(#148 - 3F17 - Season 7 Episode 20 - Disc 3)
(Written by Richard Appel, Directed by Swinton O. Scott III)

While stuck at the DMV with Patty and Selma on "Go To Work With Your Parents Day," Bart creates a fake driver's license for himself and uses it to go on a spring break road trip with Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin. Meanwhile, Homer and Lisa bond after spending "Go To Work With Your Parents Day" together and the two have a lot of fun. Bart and his friends decide to go to the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville but discover that their guide book is outdated and the fair ended years ago. Stuck in Knoxville with no money, Bart becomes a courier and calls Lisa for help. Lisa convinces Homer to order a nuclear console from Knoxville, thus helping Bart get home.
Guest star: Jim Lau.

1996-04-14 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E21 - 22 Short Films About Springfield (3F18)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh Season22 Short Films About Springfield

(#149 - 3F18 - Season 7 Episode 21 - Disc 4)
(Written by Richard Appel, David X. Cohen, Jennifer Crittenden, Jonathan Collier, Greg Daniels, Brent Forrester, Rachel Pulido, Steve Tompkins, Josh Weinstein & Matt Groening, Directed by Jim Reardon)

Bart and Milhouse wonder if anything interesting happens to the citizens of Springfield, which leads to a chain of vignettes about the lives of Springfielders including Apu, Mr. Burns, Dr. Nick, Moe, Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, Bumblebee Man, Reverend Lovejoy, Cletus and Comic Book Guy. In this serie of short, interconnected stories, we see, among other things, Principal Skinner invite Superintendent Chalmers over for dinner, Maggie get locked in a newspaper box, and Nelson the bully get a taste of his own medicine.

1996-04-28 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E22 - Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" (3F19)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonRaging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"

(#150 - 3F19 - Season 7 Episode 22 - Disc 4)
(Written by Jonathan Collier, Directed by Jeffrey Lynch)

The relationship between Grampa and Bart deteriorates and around the same time, one of Grampa's fellow-veterans of the Second World War dies, leaving Mr. Burns as the only other living member of Grampa's war squad, the Flying Hellfish. In the final days of the war, the unit had discovered several paintings and agreed on a tontine, placing the paintings in a crate, and the surviving member would inherit the paintings. As Mr. Burns wants the paintings as soon as possible, he orders Grampa's assassination and hire an assassin to do the job and to escape death, Grampa moves into the Simpsons house, where the family lets him live in Bart's room. Grampa reveals the secret of the treasure to Bart and the two manage to steal Burns' key and leave to get the paintings. They succeed, but are discovered by the State Department who give the paintings back to their rightful owner.

1996-05-05 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E23 - Much Apu About Nothing (3F20)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonMuch Apu About Nothing

(#151 - 3F20 - Season 7 Episode 23 - Disc 4)
(Written by David S. Cohen, Directed by Susie Dietter)

After a bear wanders into Evergreen Terrace, Mayor Quimby is forced to raise taxes so they can pay for a new bear patrol. When the citizens are outraged, Quimby blames illegal immigrants and creates Proposition 24, which will deport them. The family discovers that Apu is in fact an illegal immigrant and decide to help him get his citizenship. Apu succeeds and Homer gives a heartfelt speech about why Springfield should reject Prop 24, however, it still passes with 95% majority and Groundskeeper Willie is deported.

1996-05-19 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E24 - Homerpalooza (3F21)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonHomerpalooza

(#152 - 3F21 - Season 7 Episode 24 - Disc 4)
(Written by Brent Forrester, Directed by Wes Archer)

In an attempt to show his kids how hip he is, Homer takes Bart and Lisa to the Hullabalooza music festival where Homer is hired as a sideshow freak who can withstand the force of cannonball blasts. As a result, Homer gets to go on tour with the festival and suddenly finds himself living the high life. As the tour approaches a stop in Springfield, Homer's stomach begins to hurt and he is sent to a veterinarian who advises Homer that if he performs his act one more time, his stomach will burst and he will die. Homer shrugs this news off, not wanting to lose his popularity. At first he decides to do his job, but at the last second he loses his nerve and dodges the cannonball. He is released from the festival and goes back to being not respected by his children.
Guest stars: The Smashing Pumpkins, Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth and Peter Frampton.

1996-05-19 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S07E25 - Summer of 4 Ft. 2 (3F22)The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh SeasonSummer of 4 Ft. 2

(#153 - 3F22 - Season 7 Episode 25 - Disc 4)
(Written by Dan Greaney, Directed by Mark Kirkland)

At the start of summer, Ned Flanders asks Homer to take care of his beach house in Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport. The family decides to go there and Lisa, realizing that she is not as cool as she thinks, uses the new locale as a chance to rid herself of her nerd image and becomes a surfer girl. She becomes best friends with a girl named Erin and a group of locals, but Bart becomes jealous and reveals to them that Lisa is in fact a teacher's pet. Lisa runs off crying, thinking that she has lost her new friends, but the next night they surprise her and say she was a good friend.
Guest star: Christina Ricci.

1996-10-27 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E01 - Treehouse of Horror VII (4F02)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonTreehouse of Horror VII

(#154 - 4F02 - Season 8 Episode 1 - Disc 1)
(Written by David S. Cohen, Dan Greaney & Ken Keeler, Directed by Mike B. Anderson)

A Halloween special which is divided into three short stories:
The Thing and I – Bart discovers he has an evil twin, who is living in the Simpsons' attic.
The Genesis Tub – After intending to prove that sugary drinks will rot teeth, Lisa creates her own miniature universe.
Citizen Kang – Kang & Kodos impersonate presidential candidates Bill Clinton and Bob Dole in order to invade Earth.

1996-11-03 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E02 - You Only Move Twice (3F23)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonYou Only Move Twice

(#155 - 3F23 - Season 8 Episode 2 - Disc 1)
(Written by John Swartzwelder, Directed by Mike B. Anderson)

When Homer accepts a new job at the Globex Corporation the Simpson family moves to Cypress Creek. Homer enjoys his new work and his easy-going boss, but is completely unaware that his boss is an evil genius and that the company is a vehicle for international extortion. The rest of the family have trouble settling in Cypress Creek and Homer must make a choice between Cypress Creek and Springfield.
Guest star: Albert Brooks.

1996-11-10 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E03 - The Homer They Fall (4F03)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonThe Homer They Fall

(#156 - 4F03 - Season 8 Episode 3 - Disc 1)
(Written by Jonathan Collier, Directed by Mark Kirkland)

When Bart is beaten up by school bullies, Homer takes matters into his own hands. Although Homer is unable to make his point, Moe is impressed by his ability to withstand a beating. Moe talks Homer into becoming a boxer with Moe as his manager. His sole strategy is to let opponents knock themselves out while pounding on Homer. Promoter Lucius Sweet becomes aware of Homer's rise as a boxer and wants him to fight Drederick Tatum, the heavyweight champion.
Guest stars: Michael Buffer and Paul Winfield.

1996-11-17 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E04 - Burns, Baby Burns (4F05)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonBurns, Baby Burns

(#157 - 4F05 - Season 8 Episode 4 - Disc 1)
(Written by Ian Maxtone-Graham, Directed by Jim Reardon)

A man named Larry's jaw drops when he sees his father Mr. Burns on a train from Yale to Springfield and Larry immediately follows the train. When he arrives at Mr Burns's mansion he identifies himself as Mr. Burns's long lost son. Burns admits that Larry is the result of a one-night stand and accepts him as his own. Soon, however, Larry proves to be an incurable oaf and Burns gets tired of him. Homer befriends Larry because they share similar interests. Together they fake Larry's kidnapping to win back Burns's love. But when Burns is told that Homer has kidnapped his son Homer and Larry are chased by reporters and the police. When told of the fake kidnapping Burns cannot continue as Larry's father and Larry leaves Springfield to return to his family.
Guest star: Rodney Dangerfield.

1996-11-24 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E05 - Bart After Dark (4F06)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonBart After Dark

(#158 - 4F06 - Season 8 Episode 5 - Disc 1)
(Written by Richard Appel, Directed by Dominic Polcino)

Bart does property damage to a house and Homer makes him do chores to pay for his misdeed. The house turns out to a burlesque saloon and a group of concerned citizens confront Homer on Bart's work. Marge agrees with the group and joins them in their attempt to oust the saloon from Springfield. In a town hall meeting, Marge convinces the townspeople to demolish the old house, but when the destruction team begins, Homer sings a song that changes everybody's mind. The demolition stops, but Marge's bulldozer accidentally slips out of gear and damages the house.

1996-12-01 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E06 - A Milhouse Divided (4F04)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonA Milhouse Divided

(#159 - 4F04 - Season 8 Episode 6 - Disc 1)
(Written by Steve Tompkins, Directed by Steven Dean Moore)

Kirk and Luann Van Houten's marriage is in trouble and at a dinner party at the Simpson house Luann announces that she wants a divorce. Homer is confident that it will never happen to him, but Kirk tells him how quickly things can change. He realizes that he has taken his marriage for granted and overcompensates by smothering Marge. Deciding that their marriage is finished, Homer secretly files for a divorce from Marge. Homer then surprises her by asking her for her hand in marriage again and Marge accepts. Kirk tries the same strategy with Luann, but she refuses.

1996-12-15 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E07 - Lisa's Date with Density (4F01)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonLisa's Date with Density

(#160 - 4F01 - Season 8 Episode 7 - Disc 2)
(Written by Mike Scully, Directed by Susie Dietter)

Homer finds an autodialer and starts a telemarketing scam. Meanwhile, Nelson is punished for vandalizing Superintendent Chalmers' car and has to help Willie around the schoolyard. When Lisa watches Nelson torment Willie, she finds herself attracted to him and decides to try and change Nelson into a better person. Lisa goes on a date with him and they kiss, but when he is later revealed to be lying about vandalizing Skinner's house, she loses the attraction.

1996-12-29 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E08 - Hurricane Neddy (4F07)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonHurricane Neddy

(#161 - 4F07 - Season 8 Episode 8 - Disc 2)
(Written by Steve Young, Directed by Bob Anderson)

A hurricane destroys the Flanders' home and they have to move into the church basement. The people of Springfield gather to rebuild their house, but when Ned sees the poor workmanship, he has a complete breakdown. Ned commits himself to a mental institution and his psychiatrist discovers that Ned's past has taught him to suppress his anger. The psychiatrist then teaches Ned to express his anger with Homer as a role model and Ned gets cured.
Guest star: Jon Lovitz.

1997-01-05 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E09 - El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (3F24)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonEl Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer

(#162 - 3F24 - Season 8 Episode 9 - Disc 2)
(Written by Ken Keeler, Directed by Jim Reardon)

Homer begins to hallucinate after eating a dish laced with potent Guatemalan peppers at the chili cookoff. In this hallucination he meets a mystical coyote, which tells him to find his soul mate. After a fight with Marge he is concerned that she is not really his soul mate. Homer leaves the house and seeks solitude in a lighthouse. Marge arrives at the lighthouse and apologizes and then Homer realizes that Marge is his soul mate after all.
Guest star: Johnny Cash.

1997-01-12 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E10 - The Springfield Files (3G01)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonThe Springfield Files

(#163 - 3G01 - Season 8 Episode 10 - Disc 2)
(Written by Reid Harrison, Directed by Steven Dean Moore)

Homer opts to walk home one night from Moe's Tavern. On his way he sees eerie glowing creature. The next day Homer's story is printed in the local newspaper. FBI agents Mulder and Scully read the story and goes to Springfield to investigate this X-file. After talking with Homer they find his credibility shaky and quickly leave again. Bart and Homer then set up a camp to videotape the creature. When the creature appears, Lisa reveals that the creature is actually Mr. Burns after a medical treatment by Dr. Riviera.
Guest stars: Leonard Nimoy, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

1997-01-19 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E11 - The Twisted World of Marge Simpson (4F08)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonThe Twisted World of Marge Simpson

(#164 - 4F08 - Season 8 Episode 11 - Disc 2)
(Written by Jennifer Crittenden, Directed by Chuck Sheetz)

Marge starts a new pretzel franchise after being voted out of the Springfield Investorettes for being too conservative. The Investorettes see this and strike back by getting a falafel van. Homer helps Marge with her business by asking Fat Tony for assistance. Soon the orders pour while the falafel business mysteriously fails. Fat Tony attempts to collect all of Marge's profit, but she refuses. He then sends his goons to the Simpson house where he meets the Japanese mafia, who was sent by the Investorettes, and it ends in a showdown between the two mafias.
Guest stars: Jack Lemmon and Joe Mantegna.

1997-02-02 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E12 - Mountain of Madness (4F10)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonMountain of Madness

(#165 - 4F10 - Season 8 Episode 12 - Disc 2)
(Written by John Swartzwelder, Directed by Mark Kirkland)

To encourage teamwork, Mr. Burns takes all of his employees to a corporate retreat in the mountains. The employees pair up and Homer becomes Burns's partner. The challenge is to find a cabin on the snowy mountainside. The pair to finish last will be fired. Burns and Homer cheat by using a snowmobile and make it the cabin before everybody else, but an avalanche buries the cabin. Homer and Burns go insane in the cold and get into a fight. In the fight they ignite a propane tank, which rockets the cabin to safety.

1997-02-07 (Friday)

The Simpsons - S08E13 - Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious (3G03)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonSimpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) cious

(#166 - 3G03 - Season 8 Episode 13 - Disc 2)
(Written by Al Jean & Mike Reiss, Directed by Chuck Sheetz)

Marge is stressed by the demands of motherhood and the Simpsons get a magical British nanny, who floats down from the sky holding an umbrella. The nanny is a miracle worker, who teaches Bart and Lisa how to clean and charms everybody. However, the Simpsons cannot stop living their messy ways and the nanny's spirit gets crushed. She leaves the family realizing that she has taught them nothing.

1997-02-09 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E14 - The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show (4F12)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonThe Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show

(#167 - 4F12 - Season 8 Episode 14 - Disc 3)
(Written by David S. Cohen, Directed by Steven Dean Moore)

A new character, Poochie, is added to The Itchy & Scratchy Show as an attempt to boost failing ratings. Bart and Lisa convince Homer to audition for the voice of Poochie. He gets the part and makes public appearances with the voice actor behind Itchy and Scratchy. Poochie's debut is not well received and the producers decide to kill him off. Homer refuses to cooperate and records a different version of the death scene. Homer is convinced that he managed to keep Poochie, but when the episode airs, the character is edited out.
Guest star: Alex Rocco.

1997-02-16 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E15 - Homer's Phobia (4F11)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonHomer's Phobia

(#168 - 4F11 - Season 8 Episode 15 - Disc 3)
(Written by Ron Hauge, Directed by Mike B. Anderson)

The family tries to sell an old heirloom at a collectibles store and strike up a relationship with John, the store owner. The Simpsons invite John over to their house to assess their other belongings and Homer takes a liking to him. Marge then informs Homer that John is gay and he refuses to see him again. Afterwards Homer notices changes in Bart's behavior and fears that John has turned him into a homosexual. Trying to make Bart more manlier, they go on a hunting trip, but get attacked by a herd of aggressive reindeer. Suddenly, John arrives and saves the day. Homer then thanks John for saving his life and accepts him as a friend.
Guest star: John Waters.

1997-02-23 (Sunday)

The Simpsons - S08E16 - Brother from Another Series (4F14)The Simpsons - The Complete Eighth SeasonBrother from Another Series

(#169 - 4F14 - Season 8 Episode 16 - Disc 3)
(Written by Ken Keeler, Directed by Pete Michels)

Sideshow Bob is released from prison and his brother, Cecil, hires him to supervise the construction of a dam. Bart suspect that Bob is up to something and sneaks into his office together with Lisa. In there he discovers a suitcase filled with money. Bob enters and explains his innocence, but Bart and Lisa does not believe him. Cecil now enters and holds them all at gunpoint. His plan is to blow up the dam and walk away with the $15 million he embezzled from the project. Bob would naturally be blamed allowing Cecil to get revenge for Bob stealing his part as Krusty's sidekick. Cecil now locks up Bob, Bart and Lisa, but they manage to escape and stop Cecil.
Guest stars: Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce.

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